Nicki Minaj dramatically lip-syncing to Céline Dion deserves a round of applause

It sounds strange, but we’re convinced that some songs contain a magic ingredient that instantly puts the listener in stage performance mode. Some tunes just overwhelm the spirit with emotions that can’t be contained, which is why are *so* here for Nicki Minaj dramatically lip-syncing to Céline Dion. Seriously, we feel you so much on this one, Nicki.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot from Céline Dion, the most notable lesson being that it takes major guts and superhuman lung capacity to sing any of her songs. In order to ensure that your heart will go on, don’t even attempt to mimic her vocals. Instead, take all the energy you would’ve expended struggle-singing the Canadian songstress’ heart-wrenching ballads and release it during the performance, which brings us to Minaj’s applause-worthy take on Dion’s 1996 hit song “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.”

Clad in a sexy chainmail dress, blinged out bra and black high-waisted shorts, Minaj gave a dramatic visual interpretation of the song and shared it on Instagram.

Bravo, Nicki. The exaggerated eyelid flutters, theatrical hand-to-chest placement and the general over-the-topness of it all were all life-giving moments which we will definitely be incorporating into future karaoke performances.

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In case anyone doubted our ability to spot a perfect lip-sync from a mile away, Dion herself also co-signed Minaj’s performance with an approving tweet, which basically sent the “No Frauds” rapper into a fangirl meltdown.

Love it! Since Dion is a pro at turning rap songs into ballads, we’re hoping she’ll return the favor in the near future.

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