Nicki Minaj is basically Rapunzel with her insanely long (and gorgeous) locks

By the looks of it, the Nicki Minaj has taken a cue right out of the Disney princess playbook for her latest hair transformation. With long, long locks that cascade past her waist, Ms. Minaj is most definitely hair twinning with Rapunzel. And while her hair may not be quite long enough to climb, it’s nearly long enough trip her!

Nicki’s had luminous long hair for some time now, but the knee-length extensions are new for the 34-year-old.

After whipping out our magnifying glass and studying Nicki’s cool-girl Instagram page, it would seem she adopted the new extensions during Paris Fashion Week. One of the first peeks of her ultra-long tresses comes from a snapshot with one our favorite gentleman, the one and only Karl Lagerfeld, at the V Magazine bash.

She’s not the only star to adopt the ‘70s-inspired Cher hair craze of 2017, either. There’s Ariana Grande with her own Rapunzel ‘do, and also our girl Kim Kardashian. And while both Ariana and Kim look equally gorgeous with their super-long locks, nobody’s quite as sassy with her hair twirls as Nicki is. Need proof? Just check out her Insta video below!

While not everyone may be daring enough to try out Rapunzel-style hair, you know Nicki’s never one to say no to a beauty challenge. In fact, her take on this beauty trend might be one of the best yet!

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