This Nicki Minaj Disney mash-up is our Friday motivation

Meet your new favorite Disney character, Mickey Minaj. Mickey  lives in the most magical place of all: The Internet. Viral master, Todrick Hall, has taken the songs of Nicki Minaj, re-written them, and then mashed them together with our favorite Disney princesses and villains — and so much pastel lipstick. There’s no way to resist Cinderella, singing a Minaj song, with lyrics like, “if the shoe fits / next time glue it on.”

Hall Disney-fies “Starships,” (new lyrics include “carpets were meant to fly”) “Anaconda,” “Feeling Myself” (sans Beyoncé), “Roman’s Revenge,” “Turn Me On,” and “The Night Is Still Young.” Phew, that’s a lot. He’s also not just singing these six songs as one character, but six different princesses, and then the villains enter in, and he’s magically edited them all together. At one point he even breaks out a sparkly pink Mickey Mouse, and that’s the real character I want to meet next time I go to Disney World.

Everything, from his singing, to the costumes, to the makeup, to his lyrics, is ridiculously on point. Can we go ahead and make this The Song of the Summer?

You can check out the whole video below, but fair warning, you will be singing it to yourself for the rest of the day.

Images via here.

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