Nicki Minaj confirms on Twitter that, yes, she’s single — and she’s got new music coming

We love when after days and weeks of speculation, the oceans part and we get a straightforward answer. Nicki Minaj just parted the sea of rumors and confirmed that she and hip-hop boyfriend, Meek Mill, are no longer an item. Via Twitter this morning, Minaj verified that she is single and that she’s working on some new music.

Although we are sorry to hear that the Minaj/Mill relationship is over, we’re also pumped to know that we will be graced with Minaj music in the New Year. 2017 is coming at us with guns a blazin’ and we’re so thankful.

And Minaj’s fans have been more than supportive in light of both announcements. Svante Allmungs provided us with this joke that is making our heart flutter.

*Praying* Please God, do us all a solid and let Nicki and Drake get back together. Please.




And now that we’re thinking about it, we actually can’t think of someone else who could actually claim this title…

In fact, some are already vying for the newly single Minaj’s attention. Soulja Boy posted two separate photos on Instagram shortly after Minaj made her relationship status public. Soulja Boy captioned one pic, “I love you @nickiminaj,” along with a heart and kissy-face emoji.

We see you, Soulja Boy. We see you.

Minaj and Mill dated for two years, so all eligible bachelors should respect that our girl is going to have to take some time for herself. Staying busy in the recording studio will not only help the famed female rapper get back on track, but will also benefit Minaj fans in the long run.

We’re behind you, Nicki, and cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!

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