So many people are taking the “Nicki Minaj challenge,” and here’s what that means

We love when famous people get in on viral social media challenges…after all, who doesn’t want to see celebrities like Destiny’s Child doing the mannequin challenge in their feeds?

But it’s even better when the celebrity is the one who creates the social media challenge, such as queen Nicki Minaj, who inadvertently created the Nicki Minaj challenge all by walking up a set of plane stairs.

And it’s hilarious and sassy, just like Nicki herself. But what does it actually mean? Allow us to explain. Last week, Nicki posted a video of herself, clad in her signature Chanel and Balenciaga and incredible waist-length black hair, boarding a private jet to Prague.

While something like this is generally par for the course for a superstar like Nicki, she had a message for her followers, saying: “Attention: this is how bad b-tches leave London and go to Prague. You b-tches can’t even spell Prague!” She then gave a flawless twirl, a fierce hair flip, and a coy wave to the camera as she boarded her private jet.

Nicki’s fans then created the #NickiMinajChallenge hashtag, posting their own versions of the Nicki strut…albeit with less designer swag and private jets and more bathrobes and garbage cans.

Celebrities are even getting in on the fun, with Zoë Kravitz channeling queen Nicki as she leaves her hotel room to head to a taping of Good Morning America.

Social media queen Kylie Jenner also attempted the challenge in her kitchen, and kinda sorta almost fell over (oops!).

We admire her attempt and we’re glad she’s OK, but a word to the wise: If you’re going to create your own version of the #NickiMinajChallenge, at least do it in shoes you can walk in. And definitely make sure you know how to spell Prague!

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