Nicki Minaj is ready to wrangle a unicorn in this nude bodysuit and holographic coat

There isn’t a day that goes by during which we aren’t stunned and somewhat intimidated by Nicki Minaj’s fashion. She’s known for her daring looks that would take a regular person some serious guts to pull off. Her latest fashion adventure was, of course, no different. Queen Minaj looked like an utter badass in a nude latex lingerie set and a holographic overcoat when she surprised fans at Drake’s concert in Paris on Sunday.

Is this a look one would wear grocery shopping? Well, that depends on the mood of the person wearing it. For Minaj, we’d say that anything is possible and this is definitely something we could catch her in as she peruses the dairy aisle.

Just take a moment to take in the overall look. The lingerie set appears to be a bodysuit, but the two pieces are separated at the waist. And the holographic jacket is just … so pretty.

Look at all the rainbow action!!!

So maybe we’re not quite ready to venture out and purchase our own nude latex matching set. That’s fair enough. But we’re definitely ready to get on the Minaj holographic train and taste the freaking rainbow!

If you’re ready to commit to blasting your wardrobe with shimmering vibrance, we’ve got some spectacular options you may want to add to your holographic wish list.

Inspired by Minaj’s chunky pink boots, we found these Dolls Kill Hologram Slayr Boots ($135).


Chunky soled boots with a shiny rainbow twist — a match made in heaven TBH.

This sheer holographic/iridescent coat ($19.99) from Etsy seller Kokopiebrand has sweet pastel rainbow cuffs to bring out the colors.


If you wear these pastels to Easter dinner, the fam will take notice.

These Dolls Kill Starcrush Holographic Jeans ($58) are perfect for those who wish to ease into the flashy trend.


Business at the top, party at the bottom.

Finally, this Holographic Weekender bag ($45) from Dolls Kill is the perfect accessory to carry anywhere and everywhere.


Okay team, you have your Minaj-issued assignment. Get on the holo trend and rainbow-fy your wardrobe! Holographic clothing and accessories will not only make your fashion bolder, but everyone around you will become 100% happier. The proof is in the holographic pudding.

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