Nicki Minaj asked Twitter to find her brother a new girlfriend and it was hilarious

When she’s in performance mode, Nicki Minaj is clearly all about her artistry. But when the rapper’s not entertaining the masses, she’s just your average, well-meaning yet annoying older sister (her words, not ours) who asked Twitter to find her younger brother a girlfriend.

Currently, Minaj is hella swamped with promoting new music and working on her upcoming sitcom, but because she takes her role as a big sister very seriousshe felt it her duty to use Twitter to vet potential baes for her baby bro Caiah during her spare time. It all started when she issued this pensive tweet:

“Lookin for a new gf for Caiah,” the Pinkprint Freestyle rapper wrote, adding a thinking face emoji for emphasis. Since Minaj admitted to taking up this cause all on her own, we’re guessing her brother is somewhere feeling a combination of horrified, excited and amused by the reactions to his sister basically using Twitter like Tinder.



Even a mom got in on the action: false

In the interest of making the best decision possible, Minaj decided to outline the characteristics for the ideal candidate and set up a party for Caiah:

ZOMG, keep us posted Nicki. If this works out, she might’ve just started a new celebrity social media trend.

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