Nickelodeon’s “Pete & Pete” are still adventuring today, keeping the world a little zany

It’s been 20 years since our favorite red-headed brothers from The Adventures of Pete & Pete went off the air, and our childhoods were a little lesser because of it. But we have great news. All these years later, Pete & Pete, also known as Michael C. Maronna and Danny Taberelli, are still adventuring today, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Pete & Pete still totally hang out together.

They look like they’re having a blast at the game.

These two work together too. They have their own podcast.

It’s called The Adventures of Danny & Miken (cute!), and it’s “a monthly offering of adventuring and fun,” according to their website.

They’re still in love with OG Nickelodeon, just like we are.

Danny went to Comic-Con with some of his fellow former Nick stars, and it looks like they had an awesome time.


They love their animals.

Look at Mike snuggling with his cat. Too cute for words.

Mike and Danny love to jam.

They know how to rock some plaid.

And we bet they’re slinging totally sick burns.