Nickelodeon is launching some pop-up stores and we need to buy our Nicktoons one-piece swimsuit now

This year is a magical year, as it is also the 25th anniversary of Nicktoons — aka the numerous animated stories that shaped our childhoods and helped us grow into the upstanding millennials we are today.


The anniversary has already gotten us excited for cartoon revivals and ’90s worship, and now we can look forward to some shopping sprees, too.

Nickelodeon pop-up stores are happening, y’all. And their inventory is perfection.

In collaboration with Story, an NYC store combining retail and art exhibits, there will be two Nickelodeon pop-up consumer heavens. One pop-up will be at Story in New York City, and the other will be at the Ron Robinson store in Los Angeles.

Once inside, you will be able to purchase the interior decor, clothing, accessories, and books of your Nickelodeon dreams — including the greatest one-piece swimsuit you will ever see.

Hey! Arnold watches, Rocket Power board shorts, Ren and Stimpy flip flops, all-Slimed everything. And that hardly scratches the surface of the nostalgia-infused products awaiting you.

The pop-ups will be in New York City and Los Angeles until September 18. The magical stores are part of Story’s “Remember When…” exhibit, celebrating all things ’90s.

But what if you don’t live in NYC or LA? FEAR NOT!

All inventory will be made available on the Neiman Marcus website.

Good, because we must own it all immediately.

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