This Nickelodeon-inspired slime cake is deliciously nostalgic

Close your eyes and imagine your youth. Is this what you envisioned?


Nickelodeon and its neon green slime-infused programming was undoubtedly a cornerstone of all of our childhoods, from You Can’t Do That On Television, to Slime Time Live, to Figure It Out, etc.

And finally, you can eat your feelings about adulthood with a Nick-inspired slime cake.

Amanda Rettke, the genius chef behind the @IAmBaker Instagram account, dreamed up this buttercream cake with vanilla lime frosting. You can find the full recipe here, and whipping up the playful and delicious dessert seems pretty easy — even if you struggle a bit in the kitchen. Most of the magic is done with vanilla pudding and food coloring.


While it is most definitely Nickelodeon-themed, Rettke says she baked it specifically with Halloween in mind — but we think ’90s babies should probably eat this cake year round.

H/T Cosmopolitan

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