We now know what Nickelodeon’s iconic slime is made of

It’s one of the biggest mysteries of our generation: What is Nickelodeon’s green slime made out of? The recipe has been locked up for decades, and several slime gurus and theorists have speculated that Cream of Wheat and baby shampoo must be involved.

But the mystery of the green slime has been solved. Marc Summers, who hosted our favorite Nickelodeon game shows Double Dare and What Would You Do?,finally revealed what’s in that green goo. And yes, it feels like a weight has been lifted off our slime-slicked shoulders.

Just as theorists suspected, the OG slime was an oddly palatable concoction.


Nickelodeon slime made its first appearance on a 1979 show called You Can’t Do That On Television. That recipe consisted of vanilla pudding, apple sauce, green food coloring, and oatmeal.

Summers claims that this recipe is much better than the slime he’s seeing on TV today. It was opaque, neon, and probably smelled pretty good, honestly.

But with Summers noting the discrepancy between the slime from “the good ol’ days” and that of today’s Kids’ Choice Awards, we have to wonder what’s in the new recipe.

Perhaps the ratio of vanilla pudding to apple sauce has been altered to make it drippier?

Or maybe, like some theorists suggested, baby shampoo has been added to make things gooey and slippy without burning the victims’ eyes. Creating mass quantities of safe slime must be a precise, secret science.

We may never know what goes into modern slime, but thanks to Summers and his knowledge of past recipes, we can dream about slime of yore.

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