Nick Viall shared his thoughts on the Corinne bedroom fiasco, and we actually get it

Spoilers ahead!

So even if you haven’t been keeping up with Corinne and Nick on this season of The Bachelor, you still might have heard about the bedroom debacle on this past week’s episode. As in: Corinne tried to seduce Nick in his bedroom, and he politely and awkwardly declined going “all the way.”

On the podcast Channel 33, Nick revealed how far he went with Corinne and talked about his thoughts on the situation, and his response was actually super healthy and positive. He said he was surprised by and supportive of  Corinne’s initiative, but things were just moving too fast for him to feel comfortable.

"I don’t know what she had in mind. We kissed, and before things really got started, I just said, ‘Hey, let’s slow down.’ But at the same time, I didn’t want her to feel like she did anything wrong — she didn’t do anything wrong. There’s nothing wrong with her trying to find more time and focusing on our relationship," he said on the podcast.

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He went on to say, “As the Bachelor, I was always encouraging the women to try to find more time, to be assertive. And again, that’s because I’m one guy, and I can only do so much. […] So when Corinne shows up, I’m thinking, ‘OK, I’m surprised, but OK, good for you! Take a chance!’ There’s nothing wrong with that late in the game, to take a chance.”

He also noted that he’s been in the ladies’ shoes before (since he was a contestant on two different Bachelorette seasons), and knows first hand how utterly confusing hooking up can be in this whackadoo situation

via giphyOkay, we know that it might be super easy to be crazy cynical about Nick’s comments (as in, “Of course this dude is cool with a girl trying to seduce him!”). But we actually think there’s something way more important going on. Nick is cool with a woman being proactive about what she wants and also being clear about her attraction.

In a culture where women are STILL all too often slut shamed for having a sex drive, or made to feel like they should let the “man take charge” when it comes to moving a relationship forward (ugh), we’re all about Nick’s attitude. He even publicly defended former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe when she was getting a ton of public judgement about her sex life.

We’re all about this sex-positive attitude that completely accepts the fact that women have every right to be just as sexual as men. In fact, we think the world could use a lot more of it.

Basically, thanks for sharing your perspective on this one, Nick! We hope people are listening!

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