Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi made it Instagram official with this adorable selfie

Were you watching the finale of The Bachelor last night? If so, you know that Nick Viall proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi — and she said yes!

It was definitely a tense episode, and fans were shocked to see how it all went down between Viall, Grimaldi, and the runner-up, Raven Gates. And while many felt like he had more chemistry with Gates, the photos that Grimaldi and Viall posted immediately after the episode aired tell a totally different story.

For one, these two seem to have the same sense of humor. Here’s a fun selfie that they took together, to make things “Instagram official.”

He even dropped the L-bomb, so there’s a pretty good chance that his feelings are legit. (Let’s be honest — we’re sure that after so many times on the show, Viall wanted to make sure that his final choice would last for quite some time.)

Luckily, Grimaldi already shared that she feels the same. Her post-episode photo is a bit goofier, but still filled with true affection.

Pretty cute, we have to admit.

To celebrate their big announcement, the two also appeared last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During the show, they played a game that proved they’re pretty in sync.

Of course, after the announcement was made, fans still made a point to share their appreciation of Gates, who was sent home. (But at least she was sent home in style, based on her pretty kickass exit.)

Still, we think it’s pretty sweet that the special education teacher (who is in the midst of launching her own charity, by the way) landed the guy. We wish nothing but happiness to Viall and Grimaldi! And hey — keep those adorable selfies on Instagram coming.

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