Nick Offerman reading Oprah’s list of Favorite Things is priceless

Nick Offerman is our favorite gruff and deadpan comedian, so I can think of nothing I love more than watching him read from Oprah’s Favorite Things list — including the descriptions. Offerman went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to share a few of his favorites, giving us a translation of her flowery and verbose descriptions in classic Offerman bluntness. It was hilarious.

He started with a set of shower gel and body lotion from the brand Fresh. Oprah likes it because of the grapefruit smell and the skin softening shea butter. Offerman has no idea what those words mean, but if you want to smell just like Oprah, he suggests you give this product a try.

He goes on to list another Oprah favorite, a modern sprout garden, which he translates as simply being plants in a jar, and ends with furry pet jackets that are fancier than any clothes you would buy for yourself.

Offerman was the perfect person to present us with this list, and I think I actually want to buy the items even more after hearing them read in his hilarious voice.

(Image via YouTube)

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