Nick Offerman is here to help you ring in the New Year, in perfect Ron Swanson style

Maybe you celebrate the New Year with family; maybe you like to party instead. If neither one of those things is for you, now we’ve got something even better: There’s the ultimate NYE countdown of Nick Offerman sipping scotch for an hour, staring at you. It’s unconventional, but we’re okay with it.

The staring *is* a bit stern and unsettling, but we know there’s a silly side hiding in there: Nick Offerman’s “History of Exercise” videos with Michelle Obama are so fun. This video, in contrast, is something of a companion to Nick Offerman’s Yule log last year, during which the actor sipped scotch and stared at you from in front of a cozy fireplace for 45 minutes.

While the Yule log was great for a cozy night in during the holidays, the NYE video has more going on. This time, Offerman is outdoors, near what looks like a NYE party. You can hear people laughing in the background as he sits down and pours himself a scotch. It’s meant to be started at 10:59 P.M., so you can spend the last hour of 2016 with Offerman staring into the depths of your soul (TBH that sounds peachy in comparison to most of the rest of 2016, amiright?).

The party gets more raucous as it nears midnight, but Offerman continues to sit calmly. He doesn’t even move when fireworks explode and bagpipes play. He just sits, sipping and staring, as ever. Finally, he finishes his scotch and gets up, walking out of the frame.

It might be strange, but watching Nick Offerman slowly sip a scotch is kind of soothing. And despite the weird illusion that he’s looking at you sternly, it’s not creepy. In fact, knowing that he can be silly, it’s weirdly comforting.

It may not be a conventional way to ring in 2017, but we might just be considering playing the video at 10:59 P.M. NYE.