Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa are expecting their third baby! All the congrats!

Nick Lachey, of 98 Degrees fame (and obvs we can’t forget MTV’s Newlyweds), and his wife Vanessa Lachey announced on Instagram that they had just moved into a new place and are expecting Baby Lachey #3. That’s a lot of change all at once for the young family!

In the image, the entire family Nick , Vanessa, Camden (age 3) and Brooklyn (19 months), plus Wookie, the family dog are standing in front of their new home with a bunch of boxes. A headline frames the young family which says, “We got a new crib! Now we need a new crib!” Get it? Crib?! Like, house AND a baby-crib? LOL.

The caption of the photo reads, “#LacheyPartyOf5….and Wookie!” If you count, there are four humans standing in the picture, so the fifth member of the Nick Lachey Party  has to be the little guy or girl who’s cooking in Vanessa’s tummy. Mrs. Lachey holds her baby bump, which is accentuated by a red heart and a line of text that reads “Newest Lachey arriving Spring 2017.”

Congratulations are in order for the Lachey family as they welcome the newest member of the family and prove that the stars really are just like us. Nick Lachey told Huffington Post in a 2013 interview that for him parenthood is, “all-encompassing. You would do anything for your children — not that you wouldn’t for your wife or someone else you love, but there’s a sense of protectiveness and responsibility that comes with your child which you don’t feel in any other relationship.” I’m not a parent, but I’m pretty sure most parents — whether they are famous or not — share those sentiments.