Nick Jonas KILLS it as a frat bro in the trailer for his new movie “Goat”

We’re mostly familiar with Nick Jonas as a singer (you know, the whole international sensation The Jonas Brothers thing. NBD.  Not to mention his awesome solo artist work). However let’s not forget that he’s been venturing into the world of acting as well.

His latest film is the buzzworthy Goat, and he plays a mean-looking frat boy who paves the way for his younger brother (played by Ben Schnetzer) to follow in his messy footsteps.

This isn’t your regular fraternity movie though. It’s dark, gritty, and frankly kind of terrifying — as you are about to witness in this trailer.

Yikes. Pledging a fraternity has never felt so intense. “Welcome to hell week, goats” sends shivers down our spine.

Of course, we’re excited to see Nick Jonas show us his acting chops. His face was made to grace our cinema screens!

Goat comes out on September 23rd, so not long to go until we are unsettled beyond our wildest dreams. It was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance this year, so things are looking good.

And if it wasn’t clear already… start mentally preparing for an onslaught of greek life Jonas craziness, because Goat is set to deliver that in bucketloads.

H/T Cosmopolitan