Nick Jonas sweetly explains why he ditched his purity ring in “Carpool Karaoke”

James Corden has done it again with an awesome segment of “Carpool Karaoke” — this time, starring our faves Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. The two longtime friends hopped into James’ car for last night’s session and as they’re heading on a summer tour together, it’s no surprise that they totally kicked butt. But before they got to singing, Demi and James had to take the time to poke some fun at Nick and his dating life, because obvs.

James couldn’t help but ask if the two ever considered dating, or even shot each other a longing look at 3a.m. — but nope, they’re just friends. “You [were] dating Joe,” James said to Demi, referring to her past relationship with Nick’s brother, “and Nick, you [were] dating seemingly everyone.”

“Miley [Cyrus]. And then back with Selena [Gomez]. And then back with Miley,” Demi joked, laughing.

But the entire time that was happening, Nick had been wearing a purity ring — so why isn’t he wearing it now? It’s all in the name of love, Nick said:


D’aw! Cuteness! But Nick was sick of all this talk and asked, “Are we gonna keep talking about my dating life?”

“We can talk about it as much as you want,” James joked in reply, before the three burst out into an ultra catchy rendition of Demi’s song, “Heart Attack.” (And it was as amazing as you’d expect.)


Then, the three chatted about weird things their ultra-intense fans have done. For Nick, a fan jumped into the back of their van and hid with the luggage. “We got to the hotel after the gig, and they were in there and popped out,” he said, adding that the stowaway “basically tried to jump” on the brothers, so they ran while security caught the person.

When James asked if the fan went through his bags, Demi couldn’t help but bring the conversation right back to the purity ring, because teasing Nick is just way too much fun to resist:


Then, it was time to blast out Nick’s “Chains,” which he got super into — he even made Demi and James dance as best as they could in the car via bouncing.


But for “Close,” the three of them already had some very accurate choreography planned:


Petition for these three to start a band of their own? Well, as they reveal in “Carpool Karaoke,” they may just do exactly that.

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