Are Nick and Jess still together in “New Girl” Season 7?

When we last left the loft gang at the end of Season 6 of New Girl, Cece and Schmidt announced they were having a baby, Winston and Aly got engaged, and Nick and Jess got back together. Well, to be specific, they both realized that they were in love with each other and kissed in an elevator. But are they a bonafide couple? Will they still be together when Season 7 returns? These are all valid questions, so let’s dive in.

The short answer is: YES!

TVLine recently visited the set and can confirm, among other plot details, that Nick and Jess are still together when Season 7 returns for the final eight episodes.

“When we reunite with the gang in the premiere (following a four-year time jump) Jess and Nick remain very much a couple (phew), Schmidt is loving his new life as a stay-at-home dad to his and Cece’s daughter Ruth (any guesses who she’s named after?) and Winston and Aly’s relationship is on the precipice of a major change,” according to TVLine’s resident TV insider, Michael Ausiello.

The final season will take place four years after Season 6 ended — Nick and Jess could be married by that point! Deadline reports that there are likely to be “big milestones” for all the characters, including a big one in the season finale. Because Jess and Nick are truly the heart of the show, that big milestone in the season finale has got to center around Jess and Nick. Do they get married, start a family, go to city hall for their domestic partner licenses…!?!? What is that big milestone!?

However, TVLine also reports that Dermot Mulroney will return to the series. He played one of Jess’s exes and hasn’t been on the show since Season 2. We’re sure Mulroney will cause some issues for Nick and Jess, because what is TV if it’s not loaded with conflict, but we seriously hope that Mulroney’s reappearance doesn’t permanently damage things for Nick and Jess. We think most fans of the show would agree that ending the series with Nick and Jess happily together is our greatest wish.