The moment we’ve been waiting for *finally* happened during the “New Girl” season finale

Here’s a quick New Girl recap: Jess is still in love with Nick, and Nick is still in love with Jess. Now what?

As we’ve learned over the past few episodes in the loft, and they don’t really knows what to do about their ~feelings~. These emotions first started popping up half-way through the season, when Nick and Jess had a frank conversation about why they broke up in the first place. Neither one of them had a really great answer, and the mood got a little tense. It’s only gotten worse.

Jess began to realize that she didn’t just have feelings for Nick, she was still in love with him. Not knowing what to do, or how to go about talking to Nick, she fled to Portland to be with her dad. Meanwhile, Nick began to realized that his relationship with Reagan was nothing more than just a really good friendship (with benefits) they ended their prolonged fling on good terms.


In a very bold move, Jess decides she can’t deal with living in the loft anymore, and packs up all her things to move out (she doesn’t realize at first that Nick and Reagan have have actually broken up). Nick, on the other hand, has his own bold move in mind, and decides he’s going to tell Jess how he feels.

Just like their back-and-forth relationship, at first, Nick and Jess can’t seem to find one another in the building. Doesn’t help that there’s a cute barking dog in the lobby. But then…




The episode ends with Nick and Jess, still deep embrace (and in the middle of making out).

New Girl hasn’t been renewed for Season 7 — YET — and we’re keeping out fingers crossed that we get to return to the loft once again. But, if the fates don’t align, and this is our last time together with Nick and Jess, at least we know they’re on the road to making it work. Again. Finally.