We love how Nick Cannon responded to Mariah Carey’s engagement

It can be hard to watch your ex move on, but if you’re anything like Nick Cannon then you’ll handle it with love and grace. The actor was married to Mariah Carey for six years before the couple split back in 2014, and with news of Carey’s recent engagement to James Packer spreading all over the Internet, no one knew how Nick would take it. Fortunately, Nick Cannon is amazing, and posted on Instagram not just to give his heartfelt congratulations, but to make a joke as well.

The ‘gram is referring to the impressive 35-carat diamond and platinum engagement ring now sitting on Mariah’s finger, but all three of them (four, if you include the diamond) know that what’s really important is love and family, especially considering Nick and Mariah’s two wonderful kids. When news of the couple’s split broke, Nick was quick to make sure we knew that this didn’t mean they didn’t still care for each other. There was never any bad blood.

We love that the two still support each other even beyond their marriage, and that they continue wish for nothing but love and happiness in each others’ lives.

(Image via Bloomberg/Getty Images)

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