Niall Horan shared how One Direction stays in touch, and awwww

Millions of fans were gutted upon hearing that the beloved boys of One Direction were parting ways. While it seemed like the end of the world, in reality, the guys seem to still be pretty close. In fact, Niall Horan shared how One Direction stays in touch, and it’s pretty awesome.

Since the highly talked-about band breakup, each member has embarked on a solo career that looks pretty promising. The boys are dropping albums, getting a lot of radio play, and even appearing on television. Most recently, Louis and Harry dropped individual singles in the same week, restoring hope for new music.

How do the boys keep in touch?

Generally speaking, a group of people can stay connected in a myriad of ways with modern technology. Group texts and Facebook messenger are all great options for those looking to stay connected. But according to Niall Horan, the guys prefer good old fashioned email.

Say what now?!

That’s right! One Direction stays in touch and in the loop by emailing each other though an email chain. Inasmuch as they are solo artists now, the boys still prefer to give each other heads up about upcoming singles and projects they are working on. Niall further explains:

"We are all weirdly perfectionists, so we don't play anything until it's completely finished because we don't like early demos and stuff like that."

Which is why the next step for him is to play his music to the other guys. Who else can be honest with you if not for the bandmates you spent five years touring the world with?

"They're always asking 'When's it coming?' 'What you doing?' I do the same to them."

It is so nice to see that the guys still very much care for one another. Directioners can go to sleep knowing that there is no bad blood between these megastars. And maybe there might even be a possibility for a reunion in the future.

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