Niall Horan prank-called a Niall Horan impersonator, and LOL forever

It must be weird to have impersonators. It must be even weirder to talk to them on the phone. One Direction’s Niall Horan did just that during an interview with BBC Radio 1. Host Nick Grimshaw set it all up and watched the hilarity (and moments of total awkwardness) unfold.

Grimshaw noted that the impersonators cropped up after One Direction broke up. Before their prank call, Grimshaw gives the real Horan the pseudonym “Dave.” Dave’s mission? To try to book the fake Niall for a friend’s 30th birthday. And this will be a heck of an audition — the impersonator will have to talk, sing, and be up on his Niall Horan trivia.

Watch it all go down here:

The impersonator admits that he’s Scottish, and his Irish accent isn’t up to snuff. Eh, at least he’s self-aware.

Then, it gets a little worrisome. The impersonator admits that he’s seen the real Horan for just a bit, but while the singer was nice, the encounter was “a little disappointing.”


Oof. Good thing that Horan is definitely a good sport and can’t stop cracking up!

The impersonator finally decides to sing a song for Horan, even though he wasn’t totally prepared. Horan eventually joins in, and it becomes obvious that Horan isn’t “Dave” after all.

The impersonator apologizes, but Horan is definitely complimentary towards the young professional.

While this impersonator missed out on the “gig,” at least he was able to get a little bit of exposure — even though he had no clue he’d be on display in the first place.