Niall Horan covered “Lover,” and it has Taylor Swift’s seal of approval

Taylor Swift’s latest album, Lover, is full of catchy tracks, and it looks like a former One Director member can’t get the songs out of his head, either. As reported by Billboard, on March 4th, Niall Horan released a cover of “Lover” on Spotify, and this time it’s a duet. Horan teamed up with singer Fletcher for a new version of the song, and they already have Swift’s stamp of approval.

Fletcher and Horan’s cover doesn’t take the song in too far in a new direction (no pun included), but they certainly amp up the energy. The track still starts out slow and moody, but things are kicked up a notch midway through as the guitar and drums grow louder. Horan sings the first verse and Fletcher the second before they join forces for the rest.

Spotify listeners can check out the rendition below. In addition to the “Lover” cover, Horan also released a new version of his song “No Judgement” as a Spotify Single.

After the song dropped on Spotify, Swift posted about it on her Instagram Story, writing, “This is absolutely STUNNING. @niallhoran & @findingxfletcher love you guys.” Horan then re-posted the praise to his own Story and added, “Glad you love it Taylor” with four heart emoji.

Fletcher got in on the action, too. When the song was released, she wrote on Instagram, “got to reimagine @taylorswift’s perfect pop song ‘lover’ with the lovely @niallhoran for @spotify.” After Swift complimented the duet, Fletcher re-posted the pop star’s Story and wrote “me rn” next to a gif of Kim Kardashian crying. An appropriate reaction, we’d say.


Horan has been a fan of “Lover” since Swift’s album was released last August. Billboard reported at the time that Horan called the song a “classic” and “so important for music” on Instagram.

Now, he’s given his own take on it. In a statement to Rolling Stone the 26-year-old said of his cover, “When it came to deciding what song I was going to do, there was only one option for me. ‘Lover’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve heard in a long time and Taylor is a good friend. Let’s hope she likes it.”

Well, the verdict’s in: She does. And, hey, they both have tours coming up. Maybe they’ll hit the stage together again. Fans would love to see a “Lover” duet live.

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