Niagara Falls is partially frozen, and the pictures are insane

Prepare to be amazed at the wonders of our planet: Niagara Falls is frozen, and is currently a winter wonderland of icicles and snow — just like a scene out of Disney’s Frozen. Parts of the falls have frozen over due to increasingly cold temperatures, with the current wind chill at about 1 degree Fahrenheit. It’s also worth noting that while ice has formed over parts of the rushing water, it’s definitely not frozen solid.

Water is running beneath the ice. In fact, 3,100 tons of water rushes through Niagara Falls every second. Since the Falls move at an average of 32 feet per second, temperatures would have to be a lot colder for it to freeze over entirely (science, right?).

Subzero temperatures have nearly taken over the whole nation, with meteorologists saying we’ll have to brace ourselves for freezing temperatures throughout the month. Boston broke a 100 year old record on Tuesday, January 2nd, when temperatures did not rise above 20 degrees for seven consecutive days. Milwaukee reached Arctic temperatures of four degrees on Monday. Even the South is not safe from Arctic winds, with temperatures reaching the 20s in Mississippi and parts of Georgia.

Now, let’s take a look at those pics.

Although the freezing temperatures will require us to bundle up a little more than usual, this is the perfect opportunity to observe the wonders that Mother Nature can create. Check out this video of a Canadian artist using the freezing temperatures to create ethereal-looking ice bubbles.

Stay warm, friends.