NFL players reenacting “Pretty Little Liars” is everything we never knew we needed

Football and Pretty Little Liars is a combination we never knew we needed, but after watching quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and cornerback Prince Amukamara reenact a scene from PLL on Wednesday night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, we’re convinced the two need to do some kind of crossover ASAP.

This all came together when a viewer asked if Jimmy Fallon could do something to celebrate the end of the NFL season and the beginning of the new season of Pretty Little Liars. Of course, Jimmy delivered times 100, bringing two NFL stars onto the show, putting them in ridiculous wigs, and having them act out possibly one of the most intense scenes of the series.

Honestly? We’re impressed. The duo brought emotion and intrigue to their roles and, aided by music and background images, we were transported all the way back to that iconic moment, and almost able to ignore the beard on Ryan Fitzpatrick’s face. Almost.

Watch the scene below!

(Image via YouTube)