This NFL player’s adorable daddy daughter photos will totally melt your heart

NFL players are normally thought of as huge, intense, competitive dudes that like to run into each other for fun, but the truth is, many of them have a fun and goofy side. Martellus Bennett, for example, is a tight end for the New England Patriots, but he’s also a dad to daughter Jett. He loves his little girl so much that pictures of his daughter make up most of his Instagram, and we think we might pass out from the cuteness.

Martellus loves sharing adorable photos of his daughter, Jett, and we love seeing them.

Because football players are typically so big and intimidating, it melts our hearts seeing Martellus hang out with his daughter on the field.

We can tell that Jett is the love of his life, and Martellus is proud of it.

Also, that little girl is rocking that backwards hat. And her leggings and sneakers are on point.

Jett isn’t quite big enough for the NFL, but we bet she already has some sweet moves.

Uh, and Martellus also gets some major points for the Little Giants reference. Becky “Icebox” O’Shea was one of our favorite heroines from our childhood, because she totally made us wanted to kick butt in sports.

Even Martellus’ teammates enjoy hanging out with little Jett.

Here she is hanging with Martellus and Rob Gronkowski, aka “Gronk,” who is another giant but goofy NFL player.

She also posed with Julian Edelman, one of the wide receivers on the team.

These two sure do make a great (and crazy adorable) team!

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