For your next vacation, you might want to stay in this Batman-themed hotel room

When you think of luxury, you probably picture the Batcave, right? OK, so how about you take away all of the cave aspects, but include all the gizmos of the Batcave, add in a flat-screen TV, and hotel high rolling, and you’ve got what Taiwan’s Eden Motel putting down. Yeah, a Batman-themed hotel room.

Sure, themed rooms can be a dime a dozen nowadays, but this Batman room went well above and beyond the call of duty. It has cave-like walls to give you the feeling that you are well below Wayne Manor, but then a cityscape of Gotham above the bed fit for Bruce himself. There looks to be a second bed, too, which appears to be modeled after the Batmobile, so have fun fighting over that with your whoever you’ve brought along for this bat-cation. Because, seriously, dibs on the Batmobile bed.

The room is also outfitted with enough Batman logos to make you feel like your actually the caped crusader. Can’t figure out if the early morning wake up call is a giant Bat Signal illuminated on the ceiling, but if it’s not, you should get on that, Eden Motel. And maybe the in-room wake up call should be a recorded, “Gotham needs you.” Just some ideas I have.

There’s one small catch about living out this Batman-for-a-night dream: literally everyone wants to stay here. The room is so popular that you have to rent it out for three hours at a time, staring at $62. So, to get eight hours of sleep in this Batcave, it’ll set you back like, $165ish. Also when you translate the webpage out of Chinese and into English, it says that to rent the room during the week is 6600 Yuan, or roughly $1,052.00. (I really hope I’m wrong with that math.) And none of this is taking into account how often you’re going to want to run up and down the hallway outside yelling, “TO THE BATCAVE!”

OK, but real talk: when you order room service, does Alfred bring it?? Guess we’re going to have to book a night to find out.

Images via here.