The next “Thor” movie is going to be way funnier than the last one

When you think about laugh out loud comedy, more than likely Thor is not the Avenger that springs to mind. But, that’s all going to change with the release of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok in 2017. Expect him to slip on so many banana peels!

Just kidding. Thor’s not going to go for that kind of slapstick comedy. But nonetheless, it’s now being teased that the follow up to Thor, and Thor: The Dark World, and all those other Avengers movies is going to take a sharp turn into comedy with Ragnarok. This is all due in part to film’s screenwriter, first-time Marvel scribe Taika Waititi.


Waititi, whose past credits include What We Do in the Shadows, Eagle vs Shark, and Green Lantern is more than ready (and capable) to bring a little bit of humor to Asgard. If you’re not familiar with his past work, maybe this will get you excited: he’s worked extensively with Jemaine Clement, who you’ll know as one half of Flight of the Conchords. Waititi and Clement actually formed their own comedy duo, The Humourbeasts, and toured all over New Zealand. So if this is the first you’re hearing of Waititi, yeah, he’s pretty funny.

As for his grand plan bring some comedy to Asgard? He’s just going to add in more jokes. So easy!


“I’ll take the second film and just add some jokes into that,” Waititi explained to The Wrap this past weekend at Sundance. If it’s as easy as that, we don’t know why more screenwriters haven’t just taken prior Marvel movies and added in more jokes. Can you imagine how much you’d laugh-cry during Iron Man 2 if that were the case? SO MUCH.

All joking aside (pun intended), even without a very funny writer behind the movie, Thor: Ragnarok has all along been described as a buddy movie — a buddy movie between Thor and Hulk, the two most unlikely Avengers to be paired together. We’re laughing about it already.


(Images via Disney/Marvel; Giphy/Marvel[3])