#swiftawish: What Taylor Swift did this weekend for her biggest fan

Big things are happening on the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour. Like every day. So we decided to keep a record of it, right here.

Miss Taylor Swift is no stranger to being the awesome fairy goddess who makes magical things happen. And, yes, she has done it again. Over the weekend, Taylor granted one of her biggest fan their biggest wish: Victoria Marsh got to meet Taylor before Saturday’s 1989 show at the Lincoln Financial Field.

So let’s get to know Victoria a little. Victoria is 13 years old. She loves to swim, and dance, and sing, and she REALLY loves Taylor Swift. She is also one of only three people in the United States who has both Down’s syndrome and a very rare form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma. While her sickness has kept her hospital bound, it hasn’t diluted her T-Swift love and she listens to Taylor every night in the hospital.

Now, the way Victoria got to meet Taylor is actually pretty unusual and thanks can be sent over to the police department in Dover, Delaware. Funnily enough, you probably already know about the Dover Police Department because they gained national attention when a spectacular video of one of their officers lip syncing to “Shake It Off” surfaced back in January. T-Swift saw the video, gave them tickets, and they offered their tickets to Victoria Marsh (who came onto their radar after the vid went viral). Unfortunately Marsh was unable to go because of her chemotherapy schedule, and she gave the tickets to her sisters instead.

Well, that hiccup didn’t stop the Dover PD from trying to make this Swiftie’s day. Working with the Marsh family, the police created a poignant YouTube video called “Victoria’s Wish” chronicling the young girl’s journey and describing her dreams of meeting her favorite pop star. The video asked that Swift pay a visit or FaceTime Marsh when she came to Philadelphia for her “1989” tour. They used the hashtags #SwiftAWish and #TeamVictoria to raise further media awareness.

Their efforts turned into something truly wonderful, and on Saturday Victoria got to meet Taylor in person. The Dover Police even posted a photo of the meet-and-greet on their Twitter page, and let’s just say this picture is worth way more than 1,000 words.

We hope Victoria’s spirits were lifted by this visit and a total hat tip to T-Swift for continuing to change lives and for never ever forgetting her fans. An additional thanks to the Dover Police Department, who found time in their busy crime fighting days to make one little girl’s biggest dream come true.

Get well soon, Victoria.

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