When is Mercury Retrograde in 2018? We have some bad news

When Mercury Retrograde rears its ugly head each year, we try really try hard to not let it affect us. But like clockwork, we experience flight delays, car troubles, fights in the best friend group text, general chaos, the works. We can try all we want, but Mercury Retrograde will have its way, so we might as well just brace for it and let the planet do its thing. So when can we expect the next Mercury Retrograde to walk into our lives and wreak havoc?

Soon — March 23rd, to be exact.

In fact, 2018 will give us three Mercury Retrograde phases. Yippee, right? The first one starts on Friday, March 22nd and lasts until April 15th. The next hits on July 26th and goes until August 19th. And the final Mercury Retrograde period starts on November 17th and lasts until December 6th.

If you need us to jog your memory about what Mercury Retrograde actually is, it’s when Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the night sky. It’s just an illusion, but the direct effects of that illusion are confusion and frustration among us humans here on Earth. Nature is a wild and wacky thing, folks.

During Mercury Retrograde, travel plans and communication can be negatively affected. Take extra time and care planning trips, forging contracts, and if you can, don’t make any big decisions during this time. false

Mercury Retrograde will also affect people differently based on one’s zodiac sign.

HelloGiggles goes into more detail about how the retrograde will mess up your life depending on your zodiac sign.

No matter how the event will affect you, give yourself some extra time and leeway when doing anything during a Mercury Retrograde period. You’re bound to get frustrated during this time, so go easy on yourself when you can. false

If you find yourself in a slump after March 22nd, you might have to wait it out until April 15th. Hopefully things will look brighter thereon out (that is, until Mercury Retrograde hits again come July — but we don’t have to talk about that…yet).