The future is now: Check out this next level McDonald’s

McDonald’s is seriously stepping up its game — at least, this one is. A McDonald’s in Hong Kong just opened up near Admiralty Station and is like no fast food joint you’ve ever seen before. Not only is it sleek and modern, with dark communal tables, metal counters, and geometric illustrations, but it’s also high-tech. This new location features “Create Your Taste” touch screens that officially secure this location’s spot as the coolest McDonald’s in the universe. 

Just take a look at some of these pictures snapped by photographer Ross Honeysett:

An atmosphere like that would certainly make me feel a little less like a slob when I’m rolling on in there for breakfast at 2PM, and it also makes the need for McNuggets a little more acceptable when you feel like you’re actually eating at a hip new restaurant. Technically, you are.

In addition to the new look, this location also has fresh bowls of ingredients as well as baked goods on display. You really can’t go wrong.

Everyone is stopping by to try out this new and improved classic:

So, when’s the next flight to Hong Kong?

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