This couple created a haunted house so scary it requires a waiver to enter

Are you the ultimate Halloween fan? Do you watch every horror movie you can get your hands on in October (and the rest of the year, LBH)? Have you, on multiple occasions, declared that it’s *impossible* to scare you? Well, you might have what it takes to enter “The 17th Door,” a.k.a. the scariest Halloween haunted house pretty much ever.

Robbie and Heather Luther from Tustin, California have created a brand new horror spectacle that is so terrifying, so blood-curdling, so eerie, that you actually need to sign a waiver before you enter. Maybe it’s not a safety waiver; maybe your signature effectively sells your soul? IDK, we wouldn’t be surprised. But no, says Heather — it’s because the spooky house is very in-your-face. “There’s a lot going on, where it’s very interactive and immersive and kind of invades your space. You will get touched and you might get wet,” she told ABC 7.

The house, which Los Angeles Times calls “the most innovative haunted experience. . . ever seen,” takes approximately 20 or so minutes — 90 seconds in each of 17 different rooms. Each of these rooms has their own theme and a whole ton of detail, and each more intense than the last. The entire house is set inside the troubled mind of Paula, a freshman at Gluttire University who has various personal demons that manifest in truly disturbing ways. Oh, and every room has closed doors, and you’re stuck in there until they let you out; the only way you can get out is by using the word “mercy.” Yep, already got chills.

But the all-time most frightening room, according to many who managed to get out of the house alive? The last room, of course — which lasts three times as long as any of the other rooms and “generated the loudest and most sustained screams of the night,” according to LA Times.

Robbie has experience in construction and oversaw the design, while Heather was in charge of the business end. “My original plan was to do a haunted house so extreme and awesome that it would get protested by all these groups and then I would get shut down,” Robbie told LA Times. “Some of my original ideas were pretty far out.”

And you can bet the house is jam-packed with detail, since the couple started it back in April. It’s located in a 15,000-square-foot building that used to be a furniture shop in the Tustin Marketplace shopping mall in Orange County. “A lot of money, a lot time, a lot of effort, a lot of sweat and some tears – not his, mine,” Heather told ABC 7.

Shockingly, theLuthers have never actually created a haunted house before — but that hasn’t stopped it from being unbelievably popular and SUPER terrifying. “I actually think it’s an advantage that we have never done any haunted houses,” Robbie told LA Times. “People seem to think we have a really unique look. That’s just because we’ve never done it. We just wanted it to look awesome.”

The house has only been open for two weekends, and already, 350 people have used the safe word. Every night, they get about 800 visitors. “It’s super intense. I’ve actually worked in haunted houses as an actor myself and this is very, very intense, very scary,” Moreno Valley resident Monique Martin told ABC 7.

Interested in paying this HOUSE OF YOUR NIGHTMARES a visit? OK, we warned you. Tickets cost between $21 and $35, and the house is open on select days until the end of October, so be sure to hit it up within the next three weeks. If you want a sneak peek, watch the video below. . . if you dare. Mwahahaha.

(Image via FX, Twitter)

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