Newsflash: More women have tried “butt stuff” than you might think

Whenever we talk about sex (which isn’t nearly enough, TBH), there’s that little elephant in the room: “butt stuff.” You know, anal sex, and all other sexual acts that involve interaction with the anus. But it seems that, despite us often acting like there’s something embarrassing about anal, it turns out that a pretty decent amount of women have actually given it a shot.


According this Journal of Sexual Medicine study, nearly 40% of straight women have anal sex.

The study, which looked at analyzed a sample of 10,463 heterosexual women ranging from 15-44 year old, pulled from data in the 2006-2010 National Survey of Family Growth. TBH, we’re *super* curious about where queer women fall when it comes to anal sex and other butt stuff, but for now we’ll focus on straight girls. Over a third of women (36.3%) reported giving anal sex a try, which is a pretty decent percentage.

We hope that this knowledge helps de-stigmatize butt stuff!

It’s not a “lesser” form of sex, it doesn’t make anyone gay (it doesn’t actually make them anything other than someone who likes butt stuff, which is totes fine), and it isn’t something worthy of judgment. It’s just another way to ~get it on~ and if you’re a lady who loves anal sex, it’s totally valid.


But there’s one problem.

According to the study, these women were less likely to use condoms during anal sex than they were during PIV (penis-in-vagina) sex, with them using protection 28% for PIV vs. 16.4% during anal. This isn’t super great, considering that it’s always smarter to use protection than it is not to. Remember, condoms aren’t only for protection against pregnancy, but also for STDs, which can be transmitted during butt stuff even more easily than during PIV.

So if you wanna have anal sex, totally go for it! You’ve got 1/3 of the population showing major solidarity. But don’t forget to use protection!

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