Anna Gragert
Updated Jan 24, 2018 @ 7:51 pm
Zooey Deschanel short hair
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Our beloved Zooey Deschanel is instantly recognizable. Between her bright blue eyes, porcelain complexion, and long, dark tresses, the New Girl actress can easily be picked out of a crowd. Well…perhaps not anymore. Mere hours ago, Zooey posted an Instagram photo revealing that she chopped her hair — weeks ago, no less — and it looks dang amazing!

It honestly took us a minute to remember the last time Zooey sported a short ‘do. But then, there was Elf. In 2003, Zooey not only sported short hair for her role as Jovie — she was also blonde at the time. Before that, Zooey had short hair in films such as Abandon, The New Guy, and Big Trouble. And who could forget the actress’s stint in Jimmy Fallon’s “Idiot Boyfriend” music video?

Now, it looks like Zooey has returned to her early 2000s roots (literally).

When it comes to all things hair, we can’t imagine Zooey not looking amazing. However, we are partial to this new short look (which her hairstylist describes as a “’60s bob”), and will be bookmarking it for our next appointment at the hair salon. Also, she’s kind of giving us Matilda vibes, no? Love.

And even though Zooey went to celebrity hairstyle Mara Roszak for her chop, she does have some solid hair care advice of her own. During an interview with PopSugar, Zooey stated,

Simple, yet significant. We’ll be sure to follow Zooey’s advice…after we copy her chic new style.