Caroline Goldstein
Updated May 21, 2020 @ 11:07 am

In a new essay, Zoey Deutch opened up about her experience with and recovery from coronavirus (COVID-19). The Set It Up star also wrote about the crucial importance of taking precautions against the virus, both to protect yourself from contracting the COVID-19 and from potentially transmitting it to others.

“The reason I want to talk about it now is because it’s so important to wear masks,” Deutch wrote for Vulture. The actor explained that she and a group of her friends contracted the virus “early on, before shutdown,” though she began to self-isolate before state governments issued stay-at-home orders. Deutch continued to test positive for a month—“longer than they’re saying you’re supposed to,” she added.

She still doesn’t know how, where, or when she contracted the virus, and her symptoms differed “drastically” from her friends’—hence the importance of wearing face masks.

“So many people don’t show symptoms, and my experience was that me and my friends who got it all had such drastically different symptoms. I had a sore throat and felt totally delirious, like I was losing my mind,” Deutch said. One of my friends only lost taste and smell. One went to the hospital with the ‘normal’ symptoms, but another friend had absolutely no symptoms at all.”

After testing positive, Deutch self-isolated for about two months. Now that she’s fully recovered from the virus, she goes out “very minimally,” and always wears a mask.

“I hate to sound like I’m trying to be preachy, but it’s so important to wear a mask when you go out, even if you think you’re okay and think you don’t have it or think it’s allergies. You just don’t know if you have it or not,” Deutch reiterated.

She also recognized that she’s “lucky” not to have pre-existing immunocompromising health conditions, that she’s able to self-isolate safely and comfortably at home (with her dog!), and that she has access to healthcare. “Not everyone shares that privilege,” she wrote, “so we need to be extra careful for those who don’t by wearing masks.”

We are so relieved to hear that Deutch has made a full recovery from the virus, and grateful that she’s using her platform to double down on the “please, wear a face mask, for everyone’s sake” message.

And in case you were wondering how Deutch has been spending her time during quarantine, it’s mostly been taken up with keeping tabs on the Alison Roman/Chrissy Teigen drama, playing Animal Crossing, watching The Sopranos, and tons of cooking. She has also been topping Mrs. Fields cookies with Reese’s and chocolate chips—a move that she called “psychotic,” but which we call “pure genius.”

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