woman wearing zara dress with polka dots
Credit: Zara

We have to admit that every time an item of clothing goes viral, we get a little nervous. Remember the dress that sparked debates about whether it was black and blue or gold and white? Turns out, there’s another dress going viral this summerbut don’t worry, there’s no debate because this dress looks good on everyone. The polka-dot Zara dress has become so ubiquitous in the U.K. that it has its own Instagram account. Now the love is spreading to the U.S., and when you see it, you’ll want to snag it for yourself. It’s the dress your summer wardrobe needs.

Available for just under $70 on Zara’s website, the dress is a breezy, black-and-white printed frock with billowy sleeves and a midi-length hem. It seems to be popping up everywhere this summer, from backyard barbecues to sidewalk cafes and even doctor’s offices.

The dress has been available at the fast-fashion retailer since February, but it’s had a major surge in popularity in recent months. The interest inspired stylist and designer Faye Oakenfull to create an Instagram account for those looking to show off their love for “The Dress” or share when they spot it out in the wild.

What we like best about the Zara dress is that it’s so versatile. It can be dressed up or down depending on your shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup. Plus, it looks great on so many different body types, as evidenced by Oakenfull’s Instagram posts.

It looks cool when you’re grabbing coffee or going for a stroll.

Or when you’re mastering the art of the perfect Instagram pose.

It looks amazing at the doctor’s office.

And it looks especially great when you’re twinning with friends, puppies, babies, or your boss.

Honestly, we’ve already got our wallets out, because we need this dress in our closets ASAP.