zac efron and selena gomez
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty; Phillip Faraone/Getty

Two Disney Channel alums are getting cozy online, making the world that much closer to being a real-life fairy tale. E! News reports that Zac Efron just started following fellow Disney graduate Selena Gomez on Instagram. And along with the fantasy that DMs could be happening, fans are already plotting a digital romance for the ages.

It doesn’t hurt that both parties involved are 100% single at the moment. Efron isn’t currently linked to anyone, but he does have a long, long history of dating his co-stars. And though Gomez and Efron have only worked together on one project, Neighbors 2, that may be enough to light the sparks of this budding relationship. Gomez isn’t seeing anyone at the moment, either, making the entire situation ripe for fanfic writers and anyone with a soft spot for romance and nostalgia.

Although Efron offered up a follow, fans were quick to point out that she hasn’t followed him back (at least not yet). E! News adds that the two have met before, including a night out when she was still seeing superstar DJ Zedd in 2015. If they do end up dating, it would be the latest in a long, long line of Disney love.

Gomez herself dated fellow Disney grad Nick Jonas and Efron famously dated his High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens. Nick’s brother, Joe, dated Demi Lovato after they worked together on the Camp Rock movies. None of those relationships really worked out for any of the involved parties, but if fans have their way, Zac and Selena could be the couple that goes against the odds. And if it does work out, they’ll have plenty of Disney pals to celebrate with.