In amazing/random news of the day: It turns out Zac Efron has an incredibly attractive brother. That’s right. Chiseled abs and great bone structure apparently run in the Efron family. BuzzFeed gave the scoop: Efron’s younger brother is named Dylan, and he has a pretty illustrious Instagram feed, documenting things like wilderness trips, writing sessions (that’s right—he’s a writer…and we have heart eyes), and family time with grandpa (awww).

Not only that, but it seems that 27-year-old Dylan is quite wise for his age. In an interview with, Zac revealed that he looks to his little brother for dating advice.

Here’s a photo that Zac posted to Instagram of himself and his little bro on February 6th.

And, because we’re now thoroughly intrigued, here’s some photos directly from Dylan’s page.

We absolutely love how, well, normal Dylan seems. Even though his big brother is mega-famous, Dylan is one grounded dude. Not to mention, he’s got those signature Efron baby blues and some pretty luscious locks (yes, we’re currently swooning, and we’re not even sorry).

What’s that? One more for the road? You got it.

Deep breaths.