InStyle Magazine
March 15, 2019 10:11 am

Zac Efron’s platinum hair was nothing compared to his latest hairstyle change, which was reportedly inspired by a sandwich. More specifically, the look, which is for his upcoming film The Beach Bum, was inspired by everyone’s favorite toasted sandwich: a panini. According to The New Yorker writer Lauren Leibowitz, the film’s director Harmony Korine confirmed the beard’s panini inspiration at a Q&A event at SXSW. She posted the news in a tweet, which has since gone viral among Efron fans, who, we should note, took off and immediately agreed that it looked like “a pressed sandwich.” false

Even Panera Bread seemed to agree with the sentiment.

However, bread wasn’t the only inspiration when it came to Efron’s character. According to The Rolling Stone, Efron’s character is described as “as a rehab-facility resident who apparently took tonsorial-design tips from MC Esher.” You can see a small glimpse of Zac Efron’s beard in the movie poster, too.

Efron has yet to call out the panini inspiration on social media.