Vrinda Jagota
Updated Jul 28, 2016 @ 4:21 pm
Credit: Instagram/Marina Joyce

British vlogger Marina Joyce’s name has been blowing up the internet lately after she posted a video advertising date outfits. In the video, fans say they hear her whispering “save me.”

This perceived call for help, paired with other clues like the presence of a gun in the corner of another video she posted, the fact that she sometimes looks away from the camera and appears scared, and visible bruises on her arms, have caused fans to express concern that she is being held captive, is addicted to drugs, is being abused, and/or is not in control of the content she is posting.


The hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce has been trending, as fans try to determine if everything’s okay. But, to quell all rumors, Marina skyped with YouTuber Philip DeFranco.

She said, “I haven’t been paying as much attention to everything as everybody else has. I went to see my manager and I realize I have to be smart about every move that I make.”

She went on to explain that her bruises were the result of falling while exploring in the woods, and, when asked about changes in content to her channel, said,

“It’s just that I made a couple mistakes on my YouTube channel and that — it wasn’t that my content changed, it’s more that I did something wrong and it seemed like my content changed.” Ultimately, she reassured DeFranco that she was grateful for all the care her fans were giving her, that she’s not on drugs, and that she’s doing fine.

Her mother has also said that Marina is fine, that the police visited, and that it was her who whispered “Stand like me.” in the video, not Marina saying “Help me.”

We hope everything is is ok with Marina and her family, and wish her all the best!