Jessica Wang
Updated Jan 04, 2018 @ 4:17 pm

YouTube star Logan Paul, who faced severe backlash after posting a video in Japan’s suicide forest that showed a victim, is adding legal woes to his growing list of troubles. New York City-based clothing company Maverick Apparel is threatening to sue Paul if he doesn’t stop using the word “maverick” in his apparel line, titled Maverick by Logan Paul, within seven days.

Maverick Apparel, a clothing brand for juniors and children, claim consumers have been misled by Paul’s affiliation to Maverick Apparel. The company also claims at least $4 million in damages due to Paul’s YouTube video in Japan’s suicide forest. In the release, they wrote:

Citing his social media presence as “a parade of intolerance,” they continued:

Maverick Apparel is referencing past behavior, as Paul has been accused of racism against Asians before — much to the shock of, well, absolutely no one. Maverick Apparel’s release claims Paul has hijacked the maverick name, calling Paul a “vlogger catering to his evident lowest common denominator narcissism.”

According to Robert Garson, attorney at Garson, Segal, Steinmetz, Fladgate LLP, who represents Maverick Apparel, the $4 million in damages has been a long time coming. In an email statement to HelloGiggles, Garson wrote:

Following backlash against the video, Paul issued an apology on social media and his YouTube account that garnered its own wave of criticism for its lack of accountability. The controversy has also sparked discussions around YouTube star culture. Paul has since announced a break from YouTube. Perhaps this will be the learning experience he so desperately needs.