While hateful comments online exist, they are horrible and unnecessary. One YouTube star is speaking out against cyberbullying and making sure people become aware of its impact. As a result of people leaving racist comments on her Instagram page, a 24-year-old makeup artist from London, Jennifer Olaleye, clapped back. She would not let those comments fly on her photos.

Online commenters went after her photographs, stating that she was faking her confidence. Probably the most disturbing comments were about Jennifer’s skin color. She described the comments as hurtful and shocking. Instead of trying to ignore them, Jennifer went after the people directly and made sure everyone saw the horrible things they were writing.

What Happened Next

Due to the outpouring of support for Jennifer, Instagram took notice. They suspended the previously mentioned accounts. Hopefully, this will be a warning for those who think leaving racist comments online is not punishable. Jennifer Olaleye’s measured and carefully crafted response got tons of backup on social media.

In addition to this, Jennifer originally created a YouTube channel in order to give representation to women on color on the platform. Specifically women with darker skin. Rather than ignore haters, Jennifer is speaking out against cyberbullying and racism. Her videos are entertaining, educational and inspiring.

Because of the political climate we are in right now, it is very important to speak out on these types of issues. Celebrities such as Emmy Rossum have called out hateful comments online. In her case, it was anti-Semitic comments on Twitter. Because of the harassment she received, Twitter responded and suspended the accounts targeting her.

Another person receiving horrible online attention is Leslie Jones. The Ghostbusters star received such horrible online attacks that Leslie Jones had to quit using Twitter for a while. Luckily, she is back and better than ever. Hopefully, these wonderful women are inspiring others not to let racist and hateful comments slide online anymore.