Anna Sheffer
Updated May 16, 2019

On May 7th, Busy Philipps addressed Georgia’s newly passed abortion law. She spoke about the importance of allowing people to make their own healthcare decisions, and called for “compassion and care” for all women. She looked directly into the camera and said that some people watching at home might not think they know a woman who would have an abortion, and then she said, “Well, you know me.” A week after her poignant comments, on May 14th, Alabama lawmakers passed a near-total ban on abortion in the state, and in response, Philipps is urging other women to speak up with the hashtag #YouKnowMe.

On the evening of May 15th, Philipps called on her followers to share their own abortion stories using the hashtag. Her call to action echoed previous hashtags like #ShoutYourAbortion and #OneInFour.

The tweets began to pour in, and before long, #YouKnowMe was trending on Twitter.

Every story shared under the hashtag was different. Some users wrote that abortion was emotionally painful, while others said that the choice was easy for them to make. There were stories of married couples mutually deciding to terminate a pregnancy and teenagers making the call alone or with their parents’ support.

Some thanked those who chose to share their stories, but pointed out that no one should feel obligated to open up if they don’t want to.

Philipps told The New York Times that Tina Fey, the executive producer for Busy Tonight, had originally urged her to make #YouKnowMe a hashtag. Philipps hesitated…until the Alabama law passed. She also said that in the wake of the tweet, some critics had wondered how she could be “proud” of having an abortion.

Thank you to each and every person sharing their stories with the #YouKnowMe hashtag—because we need to end the stigma.