Natalia Lusinski
Updated March 05, 2017

Big cheers to this app! We just learned that Yelp is supporting the trans community with this important new feature, Brit + Co reported. Yup, a gender-neutral bathroom search. Woot-woot! As you may know, this topic has been in the news ~a lot~ lately. A few days ago, a federal judge ruled against President Trump’s policy restricting transgender students from using whichever bathroom they’d like. And you may remember Laverne Cox on MSNBC’s Hardball the other week and the ~amazing~ way she responded to a transphobic man on live TV when the bathroom issue came up.

But back to the app’s new feature.

Here’s what the app posted on Twitter.

Okay, Yelp, we love you even more now than we did before!

Also, the product team made the new feature fast — within a couple of days, Williams said. Awwwww. We have all the feels. Btw, here’s a people-are-wonderful fact: Yelp and 52 other businesses signed an amicus brief in support of 17-year-old Gavin Grimm, a transgender student who sued his school board after he was denied use of the boy’s bathroom at his high school, reported TechCrunch. Awwwww again. Okay, now we’re tearing up…

Thank you, Yelp, and here’s hoping more and more people will follow your lead.