Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Jan 23, 2018 @ 3:02 pm
Declaneytan / https://www.instagram.com/p/BeIXc8_HooQ/

In any industry, there is the occasional faux pas that leaves a brand scrambling to make amends for its ineptitude. But some things are unforgivable, and when a nail polish brand gives its darkest shade a racist name, there’s no coming back.

Italian cosmetics brand Wycon named its new black nail polish “30 Thick as a N****,” causing an international uproar that had them backtracking with a weak apology. The brand is sold all over Europe and Asia, and we can’t think of a more offensive and ignorant name for a nail lacquer.

There’s simply no excuse for this “mistake.” At this point, everyone knows better, and anyone who says they don’t is being willfully naive. How many times do we have to talk about not using that word in ANY context if you’re not Black? It doesn’t matter if it’s in song, or your “Black friends say it.” Just don’t.

Wycon’s apology calls the name an “error,” but critical thinkers the world over know that is just not the case. When products are named, they go through a vetting process with multiple people needing to approve it.

The offensively named nail polishes have been removed from Wycon’s website, but they’re still being phased out of stores.

Naturally, the international beauty community shut this down fast. Any brand that thinks it don’t have a responsibility to be socially aware in this day and age needs to get its act together.

The fact that Wycon is an Italian company is no excuse for such a transgression. Not only are there myriad Black people in Italy, but a quick Google search can give you a sense of the racial implications of this word.

We are glad to see that people quickly stood up and told Wycon that this wasn’t okay and that the brand acted quickly to remove it. What are your thoughts?