Meaghan Kirby
Updated Feb 22, 2018 @ 4:50 pm
Credit: NBC

Over the past few days, chances are you’ve probably heard about the “The Worst Roommate” ever. And no, we’re not talking about your freshman roommate in college who left passive aggressive notes everywhere and spent hours on the phone with their significant other every night. Rather, it’s a real-life account of the roommate of our nightmares.

This week, New York Magazine published a truly bonkers story about a terrifying “worst roommate ever,” a serial squatter who used made-up sob stories to elicit sympathy from potential roommates, only to terrorize them and in many cases, actually force them out of their homes using bizarre legal tactics. The story starts out simple enough: A woman named Alex Miller is looking for a roommate and a man named Jed Creek seems like the perfect candidate; he quickly moves in. However, it’s revealed that Jed Creek is not who he says he is and is, in fact, Jamison Bachman, the aforementioned serial squatter.

The story takes a number of wild turns, as Bachman’s other victims reveal their own harrowing tales with the roommate from Hell, before taking a truly unnerving and tragic final turn. The story seems too bizarre and dramatic to be true — like something straight out of a Law and Order procedural or a Ryan Murphy drama. But Miller and at least a dozen others’ experience with “the worst roommate” ever is very much real — and it’s no surprise that this bonkers tale as gone viral.

Here are just a few of the craziest things in the piece:

1When Miller’s mom called to confirm that her roommate was not who he said he was and thus the first bonkers plot twist arrived.

There were already a few red flags about Creek/Bachman after he moved in with Miller, from the bizarre check to when he took all the lightbulbs out of the living room lamps and used them to light the lamps in his room. But the first moment to truly clue us in to how wild the story is, is when Miller’s mom calls her and says this: “Alex, we have a big problem. Jed Creek is not who he says he is.”

2When he flat-out told one of his victims he was going to take her house from her.

After nearly costing her to lose her house do to their prolonged legal battle, Bachman told Melissa Frost, “‘You’ve got your whole life in front of you. You’re pretty, and you’re talented, and you’ve got this house — well, you don’t have this house anymore. This house is my house.’”

3When successfully forced a victim out of her apartment and then sent her cats to kill shelters.

Arleen Hairabedian told New York Magazine that after a few altercations, in which the police had gotten involved and the pair had been granted protective orders against each other, Bachman accused her of assault (which she has denied) thus removing her from the house. She said that now in complete possession of her home, he began taking her cats to kill shelters.

4Every single time he clogged the toilet with kitty litter.

It seems that in every place Bachman stayed, one of his favorite tactics to terrorize his roommates was to fill the toilet with dirty cat litter. When confronted about it, the serial squatter and overconfident prick had the audacity to respond with, “Correct me if I’m wrong, as I only have two graduate degrees, but my understanding was that the proper place for shit is in a toilet.”

5When he physically attacked Miller.

The story takes on of its final few surprise turns when Bachman’s terrorizing of his roommates turns violent and he physically attacks Miller. As The New York Magazine story recounts:

6When Miller finds bullets but no gun.

After Bachman was arrested in the attack, Miller and her mom are cleaning out his room and find bullets and a cleaning kit for a .380 caliber pistol but no gun. Even after an extensive search, they never recover the gun, which is wildly unsettling.

7When Bachman murdered his brother.

I don’t know about you, but however I thought this story was going to play out, it didn’t end with Bachman killing his brother, Harry. Throughout the piece, Bachman expresses generally unwarranted contempt for his family and is an all-around unnerving guy but murdering his brother is one of the truly shocking final twists. Soon after, Bachman kills himself in jail, ending his reign of terror but further complicating the lives of his many victims.

There are so many more crazy things that happen over the course of the story — but you really need to experience the entire build-up in order to truly be able to understand the bizarre scope of this one man’s journey to derail the lives of as many people as he can.