Stephanie Hallett
January 24, 2017 6:22 pm
Whitney Meyer/Facebook

All babies are special, but these tiny cuties are a little… extra special. Biracial baby twins Kalani and Jarani Dean were born to a Caucasian mother, Whitney Meyer, and African American father, Tomas Dean, about nine months ago. Unlike most children of interracial couples, however, one of the fraternal twins — Kalani — was born with a white complexion, while Jarani was born with darker skin.

“When Kalani came out I thought she [had albinism] because she was all white. I asked my doctors, but they said, ‘Nope!’ And I kept thinking she would get color but she didn’t,” said Meyer in an interview today with Us Weekly. “It’s unusual.”

Estimates of how often this phenomenon occurs vary widely, with some as low as 1 in 500 and others as high as 1 in a million. But regardless of how many other pairs like them are born, the Dean twins definitely win the award for “most viral.”

On Facebook, a post shared by Meyer has garnered more than 2,300 likes, and Meyer has been interviewed by everyone from Us to People to her local ABC station.

Her babies, says Meyer, are proof of “why racism shouldn’t exist.”

The twins were a huge blessing for Meyer and her partner, who lost their 2-year-old son Pravyn about two years ago in a terrible drowning incident. (Meyer also has an older son, Talan, from a previous relationship who she says is a wonderful big brother.)

“It’s heartwarming, the response I’ve gotten to my biracial twins,” she said. “It restores my faith in humanity, at a time when I, when this country, really needs it.”

We’re rooting for your family, Whitney and Tomas!