Emily Baines
January 22, 2017 8:07 am

We have been so impressed by the amount of support women received this weekend at the various Women’s Marches throughout the country. The outpouring of solidarity takes our breath away. An estimated 2.9 million protestors attended the Women’s March. And it seems that humans are not the only protestors. Dogs got involved, too!

Below are some of our favorite dog protestors at the Women’s March.

We aren’t sure what we like more: The dog’s ‘do or the signs.

John Kerry’s pup joined the parade.

Pets throughout the world got involved.

Puppy puns at the Women’s March!

Pink power indeed, puppies!

These canines make us proud.

Planned Parenthood should make these signs.

We feel for this dog.

This four-legged friends made us LOL.

This dog’s message was simple and clear.

And even kitties got involved!

Women and men have a variety of reasons for protesting. Aly Nagel, the social media director for the Women’s March LA explained her reasoning.

These are just some of the reasons people marched this Saturday. They wanted to be heard. As did their canine companions. In the words of Scrappy Doo, “Puppy Power!”