Muffet McGraw is the head women’s basketball coach at the University of Notre Dame, and she is so sick and tired of women’s basketball teams having mostly male, and primarily white male, coaches. During a March 30th interview with Think Progress, McGraw point-blank said: “People are hiring too many men.”

For her part, she’s hired an all-female coaching staff for the last seven years and has no plans to hire a male coach ever again. Although she’s been living her “no male coaches” mantra for years, it wasn’t until she said she’d never hire a male coach again that the sports world leaned in.

During a press conference on Thursday, April 4th, McGraw explained why it is necessary to have gender parity in leadership positions.

Typically, when someone announces an all-woman hiring policy, there’s always some guy (usually anonymously and on the internet) who bemoans the so-called discrimination. McGraw already has her clapback ready.

She punctuated this thought with the matter-of-fact statement: “People hire people who look like them, and that’s the problem.”

Enough said.